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Why Social?

We meet for the first time. It’s magic.

This is where we get to know you, your brand, tone of voice & social goals.

It’s also where you get to meet us, you lucky thing!

We now know what you want, and when you want it.

Now, we’ll get cracking with making your social dreams a reality by developing a strategy tailored for you. 

It’s show time!!

We’ll grab our gear and start to gather killer content that we know you and your followers will love. 

Now we have that content and you love it (obv!), we’ll work on the all important copy.

Don’t worry, you can be involved every step of the way or we can take the reins – whatever you prefer.

Now we have the goods, we’ll work on getting your schedule full of amazing content and then boom, that’s a wrap (until next week that is!)



Snazzy artwork, epic videography, killer typography and everything in-between. Be warned, it’s a feast for the eyes…




We’re not just pretty faces who can drop great social posts. Oh no. We also know what we’re talking about to get you on top of the social game.


Who are Anomaly Architects?

Anomaly Architects are an Architecture practice based in Clerkenwell. They create exceptional and unexpected spaces across London and the UK. With a huge emphasis on retrofit and minimising their environmental impact, these lot are architectural angels with attitude.

What do we do for them?

From copywriting to photography and video to animation, we like to keep our organic content as fresh as we can. Our priorities are the buildings, the people and the process, showing not only the polished finished product but also the gritty reality and beauty of the process.

Why do we love working with them?

Firstly it’s the people, they’re a dream to work with (and sink pints with). Secondly, it’s the subject matter, it’s a privilege to work with the highest level of architectural photography in the game (their photographer Peter Ghobrial is on another level).

Check out Anomaly Architects by clicking here!

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Who are GPE?

GPE are a FTSE 250 property investment and development company owning £2.5 billion of real estate in central London. We create in-demand spaces that people want to be part of; helping occupiers, local communities and the city to thrive.

What do we do for them?

We work closely with their marketing team to deliver high quality assets representative of their level of service and reputation. We create still, video and graphic content and copywrite for GPE’s range of social channels.

Why do we love working with them?

GPE have been with us the longest and so will always hold a special place in our hearts. Each and every person on this team cares deeply about what they do and it’s a pleasure to work alongside them.

Check them out by clicking here!

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Who are they?

Pulse are an interior design and space management service, specialising in bold, innovative and forward-thinking property design. They pride themselves on helping their clients create stylish and functional workspaces that are flexible and future-ready.

What do we do for them?

We create targeted paid for campaigns on social media that ensure their spaces are seen by the right people, at the right time. We create captivation graphic and animated content, as well as dynamic video content, all designed to engage with their desired audience.

Why do we love working with them?

Pulse are a fantastic team of hard-working people, they genuinely want the best for their spaces and the people in them. We love to see it!

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Who are they?

Thirdway are a fit-out company based in Old Street. They challenge the traditional definition of the office and create dynamic spaces built for collaboration, inspiration and wellbeing.

What do we do for them?

We work extremely closely with Thirdway to curate their social media. Creativity and innovation are incredibly important to them and so we have developed a close working relationship with their in-house creative team. We create a range of content for them across their social landscape including photography, graphic design, videography, and copy writing. Thirdway are all about personality and what comes with that is a very specific tone of voice. Mastering this tone of voice was one of the first priorities when beginning to work with this client.

Why do we love working with them?

To put it simply, Thirdway are fun! Working with them ensures no day is the same. They do everything creatively and put time and effort into all their initiatives. Plus they give us free lunch on a Thursday.

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Who are they?
TX are an experiential marketing tool specialising in prop tech. Their bespoke technology platform makes it possible for a tenant to design their new office in real-time at the first viewing.

What do we do for them?
We work very closely with the TX team to create stylish, creative and fresh content that reflects their brand accurately. We create graphics, video, photography and more, always in the uber cool TX style.

Why do we love working with them?
We absolutely love going along to a TX viewing to collect content, there’s really nothing like it. It’s like playing Sims in real life! The tech combined with the seriously cool interior design also means we get to work with some really beautiful visuals.

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Wood Wharf

Who are they?

Wood Wharf, part of the Canary Wharf group, is a river-side development offering the very best in office space, living space, hospitality and retail.

What do we do for them?

We create a variety of content for Wood Wharf, including videography, photography and illustration.

Why do we love working with them?

Our favourite part of working with Wood Wharf is generating on site content, exploring such aq beautiful space, especially when the sun’s out. We can think of worse ways to spend a Tuesday.

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40 Leadenhall

40 Leadenhall – the new 34-story high stand out in the London Skyline, a £875M project at the heart of the financial district. Using new ideas, developers Nuveen and Make Architects, have taken a fresh look at office space by designing with lifestyle and amenities in first place. Creating a locale that brings in and keeps world-class talent. With only 4 months of LSS impact, we gained over 1,000 followers and 170,000 impressions. To learn more about 40 Leadenhall click here.


Start and grow 40 Leadenhall socials, honing tone of voice and key points for social media.

Drive brand awareness to help support the letting of both office and retail spaces across the 900,000 sq ft property.


We used a test-and-learn approach, trying out all format types, including video, graphic and high-end photography to grasp what their audience wanted to see.

We gave them a friendly tone of voice on social, this makes for more engaging copy and aligns with their sense of neighbourhood. Whilst still keeping boldness and the high-end thread which runs through the whole brand.

With teaser campaigns, we slowly revealed different angles and visuals, helping build excitement and exclusivity to the project. Focusing on amenity spaces, such as the Library, rooftop terraces and luxury spa, radiating a top of the line and high-status feel.


Over 4 months we ran both Paid and Organic campaigns.

With a total of 4,000 engagements which increased the engagement rate from 2.8% to 5.36%

Boosting following by over 1,000 across IG and LinkedIn, refining assets which made full use of high-growth organic reach.

With over 170,000 impressions and 18,000-page clicks alone, using gripping photography, CGI and lifestyle videos.

We are proud to continue our strong partnership with 40 Leadenhall, Nuveen, Saville’s, CBRE, Make and Mace. Helping to build the future of London’s skyscape together.

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Reels in Real Estate

Reels in Real Estate

Reels in Real Estate

Why use reels in real estate? Insta Reels are a gold mine for generating new leads and increasing your following. They’re short, entertaining, and can get users’ attention, which means more engagement for your brand.

It’s no secret that reels are the fastest-growing feature on the platform since they were launched in 2019, so adding reels to your social media strategy is not only beneficial, but also essential for positioning your brand at the top of your clients’ minds, increasing brand awareness, and reaching new audiences.

In the property industry, Reels are even more important. As part of such a visual business, reels are a vital tool for showcasing available properties, promoting events, and highlighting the details that make your spaces unique.


If you’re still not convinced that using more reels is a good idea, look at these numbers and get ready to be blown away.


The Stats


Instagram reels have an average engagement rate of 1.95%, according to Social Insider. This is 0.77% higher than photo posts and 0.45% higher than regular videos. In fact, nine out of ten Instagrammers watch Instagram reels weekly.


  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.


  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.


  • Reels can be featured on the Explore Page, which is where 50% of Instagram users go to discover new content.


When talking about reels in real estate, these stats are even more valuable. The visual nature of our industry means that incorporating reels into our social media strategy is essential. And the proof is in the pudding, all our clients saw a reach increase of at least 70% after the implementation of reels.

Do you want to create video reels but don’t know where to start? Are you unsure about the content? We can help! Drop us a line and let’s take your company’s social media to the next level. Want to read more of our blogs? Click here.

Social Media x Property – it’s the penthouse, baby

Social Media x Property – it’s the penthouse, baby

Social Media x Property – it’s the penthouse, baby

Marketing is the key to growing any business. That’s a fact that’s been knocking around for a really long time. BUT we think you need to go one step further. Social media.

We get it, we see that eye roll. “Social media is for young people”, “it’s a millennials thing” and “it’s just a platform to share what you had for dinner”. Whilst TECHNICALLY all true, it’s also wrong. It’s to engage with your customers, increase your visibility, promote your brand and build relationships with stakeholders. Sounds good right?

Here at LongStoryShort, we like to break that down and tailor social media to fit with each brand. What works for some, may not work for others. And that’s OK. What we help companies do is establish which platforms are the most valuable for their business. And whilst not exclusive, we think that Instagram and LinkedIn should be used, as a minimum.

Identifying what type of content should go on each platform is where we really shine. From selfies with the team and behind the scenes shots to a picture of your dog it can be a minefield but we’re here to guide you through it.


Out of all the platforms, Instagram is the most aesthetically pleasing because it is image led. Think of it as a beautiful gallery to showcase your entire business. Think team shots, project posts, inspiration, behind the scenes and Sandra’s famous spag bol. Use hashtags and keep an eye on trending content to increase your reach and engagement.


Think of this as a professional Facebook. It allows you to build a network that is chokka with relevant users who will see and very likely engage with your content. Like the popular kid at school, the larger your network, the more your posts are seen. So this is the goal. When it comes to content, think about that network and post about projects, tips and tricks and genuinely useful ideas that your network will appreciate (it’s probably best to avoid Sandra’s famous spag bol here!).

As well as this, when you post and how many times you post should also be considered across all platforms. Tools such as Hootsuite are super useful here as it allows you to see when your audience is online the most, so can recommend when to post for max results.

We appreciate that is A LOT to get your head around but don’t worry, we have you covered. With the right social media agency (ahum, us) and strategy, you can create a community of quality followers that could lead to opening more doors, getting invited to more pitches and converting new business.


Roll up, roll up – tenants please!

Roll up, roll up – tenants please!

Roll up, roll up – tenants please!

Calling all property managers – have you considered using social media to find your next tenant? Hear us out.

Whilst putting time into creating a beautiful post for social media may sound trivial and small time on your giant to do list, it could be the best thing you do that day. Social media has over 53 MILLION users in the UK, daily. Your next tenant is in there, and you’re completely missing them.

Creating engaging content, showcasing a lifestyle that they have been dreaming about is your golden ticket and here’s why.

Engaging with new and existing tenants

A tight, conversational community is the thing of residential dreams for some and it can be established using social media. It allows residents to be feel appreciated, be heard, be considered and feel welcomed. Happy residents = renewed leases = happy Landlords.

Showcasing the dream

Prospective tenants want to know everything and anything about the property they are considering to live in. Many renters today turn to social media to reassure them that this is the place they can put down roots. Having a strong, positive, responsive and beautiful social media platform only helps to confirm this for them.

Building your brand

We know you’re so much more than a logo and a colour scheme, but do your tenants? Building a aspirational brand to attract new tenants and retaining existing ones goes a long way in todays residential world. More and more people are using social media to impacts their lives and have a say in what they do in them, so it makes sense to ensure your brand is strong and visible.

Your social media strategy should be at the top of your to do list, but we get that is sometimes not possible. Using a social media agency, like us, allows you to do all of the above but to focus your efforts elsewhere whilst reaping the rewards. We define your goals, establish your audience and create a plan so you don’t have too.

Whether you are already set up, need someone to swoop in and give you a boost or need to start from scratch, let’s chat.

Social & Property – our top 5 tips

Social & Property – our top 5 tips

Social & Property – our top 5 tips

In the last 3 years we’ve learnt a lot. But most importantly how important it is for any business to have its brand well positioned on social media – it’s a real game changer (ESPECIALLY in property!)

Social media makes it possible to speak to the right tenant at the right time, however, not all companies have figured out how to do this correctly.

Don’t worry, we have.

Below are our top 5 tips that we use to grow property companies like yours, that will be essential when placing your brand in the digital world

  1. Humanise your brand

People use social media to interact with other people, not brands or buildings. It’s crucial that you show the human side of your company authentically as possible. Work socials, birthdays, lunches,  behind the scenes and even the office dog! It’s all a great way to show this side. Here’s us doing just that.

  1. Added value

Create valuable content that gives a user a reason to follow you. Give them useful insights, entertainment, tips, inspiration, or incentives. Give them something useful and keep ‘em coming back for more.

  1. Don’t skimp on the video content

93% of companies have acquired new customers via social media video, according to Sprout Social. With that in mind, pass me the mic! Video viewings post pandemic are at an all time high, they allow a potential tenant to step inside your space and take a look around from the comfort of their own WFH set up.

  1. Define your audience

Do you know your audience? Do you know which social media platforms they use? Make your messaging correct by finding this out to ensure you’re hitting the right people. You must be where your audience is. Need help with that? Don’t worry, we got you boo, it’s all part of the service.

  1. Do it right!

Use all the tools and explore all the formats that social channels offer, to help your audience connect with you. Don’t limit yourself by only posting on the feed, use stories, guides, carousels, links and everything else designed to make you visible to your future or current tenant.

Content? It matters!

Content? It matters!

Content? It matters!

Your content is how you define yourself online. It matters. It’s the paint you use for your self-portrait.  When it comes to promoting your business or letting your space you need to paint the best picture possible. Maybe throw on a nice filter too.

Here are some of our top tips on how to create engaging content that lets your audience know exactly who you are (and how much better you are than your competitors).

Keep it simple

We’re not talking about visuals here. What we mean is don’t over complicate your message. Social media is a fast paced world, you want your audience to understand who you are and what you do as quickly and concisely as possible.

Be findable

That last thing you want is for a potential client or tenant to be unable to find you should they choose to. Avoid inaccurate handles, lean on your logo and stick to your brand guidelines. In a sea of content, yours needs to be instantly recognisable.

Take your audience on a journey

Got Instagram? Got LinkedIn? Got a website? Got an email address? Well great, use these different platforms and direct your user from one to the next through links and shares. The longer a user engages with your content and interacts with it the more engaged they will be. Try to match the look of all platforms using your brand so that visitors know they’re connected.

Be shareable

Sharing is the digital form of word of mouth, who better to big you up to your new tenants than your currant tenants?

Engage in conversation

Comb Twitter, Facebook, forums, FAQ’s and blog posts to see what your prospects and peers are talking about. Then give your audience your take. If your view is decidedly different or more provocative than those of your competitors, even better.

First and foremost though, just get started. One of the main things we see blocking companies, landlords and agents, from utilising social media as the intelligent and effective tool it is, is a fear of getting it wrong. Saying the wrong thing with their content and facing the wrath of the internet critics, eager competitors and keyboard warriors.


If you know your stuff and you understand your brand then you can’t go wrong. Knowledge really is power. Social media can elevate your presence in the market overnight if you do it right, you can’t afford not to take the leap.

Alternatively, you could engage with a social media marketing agency that specialises in property to take care of it all for you.

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