Who are they?

Thirdway are a fit-out company based in Old Street. They challenge the traditional definition of the office and create dynamic spaces built for collaboration, inspiration and wellbeing.

What do we do for them?

We work extremely closely with Thirdway to curate their social media. Creativity and innovation are incredibly important to them and so we have developed a close working relationship with their in-house creative team. We create a range of content for them across their social landscape including photography, graphic design, videography, and copy writing. Thirdway are all about personality and what comes with that is a very specific tone of voice. Mastering this tone of voice was one of the first priorities when beginning to work with this client.

Why do we love working with them?

To put it simply, Thirdway are fun! Working with them ensures no day is the same. They do everything creatively and put time and effort into all their initiatives. Plus they give us free lunch on a Thursday.